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Annapolis Pediatrics fully complies with the American Academy of Pediatrics and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommended immunization schedules.

We firmly believe that vaccinating children and young adults may be the single most important health-promoting intervention we perform as health care providers and that you can perform as parents/caregivers.  The recommended vaccines and their schedule given are the results of years and years of scientific study and data-gathering on millions of children by thousands of our brightest scientists and physicians.

   >> Click here to read our Vaccine Policy Statement and view our Vaccine Schedule Summary.


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Benefits of Vaccines & Boosters

Disease prevention is the key to public health. It is always better to prevent a disease than to treat it. Vaccines prevent disease in the people who receive them and protect those who come into contact with an unvaccinated individual. Once scientists have identified the microorganism or toxin that causes an illness, they pursue a number of approaches to develop a vaccine. All approaches to vaccine development focus on the immune system and the body’s natural defenses against foreign invaders. The immune system is made up of highly specialized cells which work together to make antibodies and clear infection from the body. The purpose of a vaccine is to educate a person’s immune system so that it is ready to fight disease. Vaccines are second only to hygiene in preventing infection, and new or improved vaccines should be made and studied.


VIDEO - "How Do Vaccines Work?" (an easy-to-understand video for kids and parents)



Immunization  Information Sheets

The following list comprises the diseases we vaccinate against. Please click on them for more information about each vaccine as outlined by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).