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COVID-19 (coronavirus)

COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Here are some important guidelines to follow if you, or your provider, decides your child may have COVID-19


If nothing else, the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has brought into sharp focus the value of ongoing preventive medicine, something that has been MISSION CENTRAL for pediatricians forever.  Although children are not at risk, adults with obesity and a variety of other long-term health problems are highly at risk when contracting COVID-19.  Adults start as children, and intervention NOW surrounding these issues can make your child healthier and safer for whatever comes into our world in the future.

For generations, we have been talking about nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress, and any other topic, with you and your child at Well Child Care visits. Our hope and dream for a better world involves shepherding every child into adulthood as healthy as he or she can be – only in this way are they equipped for all the world can throw at them.


Of all public health interventions that have been introduced over the past century, vaccination has made the most impact in saving lives.  Sadly, pandemics in the past have often affected children MORE than other age groups, and the value of vaccinations cannot be overstated. We are hosting COVID vaccine clinics when we get vaccine doses in. Visit the "Vaccine Locations" tab below for dates and locations.

COVID-19 has refocused our efforts in providing children with the best tools to face to world in the future.  We encourage you to:


We have set up our operations for safe in-person visits for your family, providing the preventive care that is so important for your child. Call our office or submit an online request for a future appointment. We are scheduling well visit appointments three months ahead.