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scientific illustration of hormones


Endocrinology is the diagnosis and treatment of hormone-related diseases and conditions. Some of these endocrine conditions and disorders include the following:

Your primary provider will discuss any endocrine related concerns with you and your child, and may refer you to see a pediatric Endocrinologist.


For patients who have been referred to our internal Annapolis Pediatrics' Endocrinology Services, please read below:

We look forward to meeting with you for your child’s upcoming pediatric endocrinology visit. We ask that you send in the following before you arrive to your scheduled appointment so that we can have all necessary information on hand at the time of the visit.

• Previous growth records (height and weights and /or growth charts)
• Relevant laboratory and x-ray results
• Important clinical notes from your child’s referring provider
• Insurance referral, if needed

Our new patient registration forms are available online (below) to complete and submit electronically. If you are unable to complete them electronically before your visit, please arrive 15 minutes early to your scheduled appointment to complete in the office.

If you do not have some of the clinical information noted above, please ask your provider’s office to forward us this information by mail or fax at 410-263-7551 Attn: New Patient Endocrinology. Our mailing address is 200 Forbes Street, Suite 200, Annapolis, MD 21401.

Please call us at 410-263-6363 if we can help with any questions at your visit.

Samuel M. Libber, M.D., Pediatric Endocrinology


Before your first endocrinology appointment at Annapolis Pediatrics, please complete the following online forms:

For current primary Annapolis Pediatrics patients –

New Endocrine Patient History Form

For non-primary Annapolis Pediatrics patients – Under 18 – 

Endocrine Patient Packet – Under 18 

For non-primary Annapolis Pediatrics patients – Over 18 – 

Endocrine Patient Packet – Over 18

Endocrine Interval History Form