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Helping Our Kids Manage Anxiety - VIDEO

Helping Our Kids Manage Anxiety - VIDEO

Our Pediatric Primary Care Mental Health Specialist, Erin Merli and local Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Kellieann Jones from Striving For Wellness Together provide advice and tips on helping our kids manage anxiety. 


This video interview was recorded to provide tips on back-to-school anxiety following the COVID-19 pandemic; however, the tips and resources can be used for multiple situations, ages and stages. 


Watch the full interview here.



Resources mentioned in the video:

"The Very Hungry Worry Monsters" book - touch and feel book, Pre-K age (4+)

"Anxious Ninja" book, for younger ages

"The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Worry)" book - for younger ages

The Worry Monster - tangible, zips up and kids can put their worries inside. (ages 4-12)

"What To Do When You Worry Too Much" - workbooks for school-age kids

"The Big Life Journal" - with free downloable worksheets and PDF's, for school-age, teen and pre-teens

"The Teenage Brain Neuroscientist Survival Guide" book to understand pre-teens and teens brains

"Under Pressure" book to understand teenage girl anxiety