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Breastfeeding Adventures: Truths, Transitions and Joys

breastfeeding black African mom baby lactation class virtual event


So you’ve decided to breastfeed, but what does that mean?

Join us for this live, virtual class to learn:

  • How your body has changed to prepare for breastfeeding
  • Best feeding positions and latch tips.
  • Tips for knowing when your baby might be hungry and how they are getting enough.
  • How a partner can contribute to your success in breastfeeding.
  • Breastfeeding and returning to work.
  • An open discussion of what barriers you’ve encountered or will encounter in breastfeeding.


Bring all of your questions and concerns. This class is open to expectant and new parents.

This class is $10. Each registration is for two attendees. Partners are encouraged to attend.


Facilitated by one of our Annapolis Pediatrics Lactation Consultants.


Register HERE.