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After Hours

How to Reach us After Hours

If you need to reach a nurse after hours simply call our office directly and follow the voice mail instructions to be automatically transferred to Triage 4 Pediatrics. However, if you are unable to reach the office you can call Triage 4 Pediatrics directly at 877-773-4261.

There is a charge for non-urgent after hour medical calls. The call charge of $15.00 will be billed directly to the parent. Only calls that are true emergencies, meaning calls in which the nurse or provider refers you directly to the Emergency Room or a visit to our office the next day, will be exempt from charge. Also, we will not charge for calls on questions relating to an office visit that occurred within the previous seven days. Our after hours service can not schedule appointments or call in routine prescription refills.

If your question is non-urgent, you can wait until our normal in-office triage hours to avoid a charge. Or if you would like free nurse advice after hours you can access Ask AAMC from 8am-1am seven days a week or call your insurance companies’ triage service if available.

If you feel your child needs urgent medical attention, you can access care without prior authorization from us at your local urgent care center or at the emergency room. In case of emergency, call 911.