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Sick Child Visits

Exceptional care when you need it most.

Annapolis Pediatrics makes every effort to be available for our patients when they are sick.

Parents don’t usually know in advance when their children will get sick. Somehow it always seems to come on at the least convenient times: the middle of the night, just before dinnertime, Friday evenings, and holiday weekends. We know this because we’re parents, too.

Annapolis Pediatrics provides superior health care for well and sick children, and we know our patients enjoy well-child visits for the chance to check in with their pediatric provider and stay on top of their children’s health and long-term care, but our sick visits are where we truly excel for patients and their families. Basic information about some of the medical conditions you may encounter can be found here.

Annapolis Pediatrics is open for scheduled sick visits 7 days per week including weekday evenings, as well as weekday mornings from 7:30 am until 4:30 pm for walk-in visits without an appointment. 

Sick visits can be handled in many different ways, depending on what you need most:

Walk-in Visits

Walk-In visits are one of the conveniences our patients enjoy the most. Walk-ins are held from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday in our Annapolis Office, only. These visits are for illnesses that require a brief visit, such as ear checks or routine respiratory illness (stuffy noses, sore throats, coughs).

To take advantage of our walk-in visits, simply bring your child to the Annapolis Office and sign in to see the next available provider. We always try to see patients as quickly as possible for walk-ins, since we know many of you are trying to get back to your school or work day as fast as possible. During particularly busy times of the year you may have to wait a bit, so we encourage you to come as early as you can during the walk-in hour.

Please note – all of our providers rotate through the walk-in schedule. In order for us to work as efficiently as possible, you will not be able to choose which provider you see.

Scheduled Sick Visits

Most commonly, when your child is sick you will call our appointment line to schedule a sick visit. Most sick visits are scheduled the same day. We apportion a significant amount of time to every provider in the office each day for same-day sick visits.

If you know you want to bring your child in for a sick visit, we encourage you to call as early in the day as possible, starting at 8 am. Sick visits can book up fast, particularly during certain times of the year. We also allocate additional doctors and nurse practitioners as we can to meet the extra demand for sick visits during busy times of the year. Please note that Fridays are reserved for same day sick appointments only, as well as times when we are experiencing peak sick patient volume.

Please be sure to give as much information as possible about your child’s illness when you call to schedule the appointment. Some health concerns take more time to address than others, and we want to be sure to schedule your child appropriately.

Sick Visits: Who Will You See?

You can schedule a sick visit with any provider and in any office. We know that commonly parents are most comfortable with their regular doctor or nurse practitioner, so by all means ask if your provider is working that day, and in which office. However, don’t fret if your regular provider isn’t available. With our new Electronic Medical Records system, your child’s information is readily available to any provider at any of our offices.

The doctors and nurses of Annapolis Pediatrics take pride in their individual medical abilities, but they are all committed to providing consistent care that meets the practice’s very high standards. By meeting other providers during sick visits, you will most likely find that every one of our doctors and nurse practitioners has their own unique style, but that the entire group works together as a team; as it should be.

Sick Visits: Does My Child Need to be Seen?

Probably the most common question we’re asked by parents is “should we come in?” As a parent, it can sometimes be hard to judge the urgency of a medical concern. It can also be hard to know if something is routine or unusual. This is why we offer a valuable service to our patients: Phone Triage.

One of the services that make Annapolis Pediatrics so convenient for our patients is a dedicated phone-triage nursing staff that responds to questions by phone during all our business hours. This is wonderful for those times when you might need some advice from a medical professional, when you aren’t sure if you need an appointment.

We have registered nurses who solely respond to your messages. In addition to their expertise, our triage nurses have at their fingertips all of the standard medical references for children as well as the latest information on medicines and medical protocol. They also have direct access to our pediatricians and pediatric nurse practitioners when they do need to seek additional assistance.