In February and March, Annapolis Pediatrics was happy to be invited to St. Andrew’s By the Bay Preschool in Annapolis and to Goddard Preschool in Arnold to provide our “Taste the Rainbow” class. During the “Taste the Rainbow” class staff from our Nutrition Initiative show examples of fruits and vegetables that are the colors of the rainbow. After identifying and talking about the colorful fruits and vegetables, students are encouraged to sample them!

During these visits, the preschoolers sampled red peppers, yellow snacking tomatoes, and sugar snap peas with a hummus dip. The children also tried kiwi, red raspberries, and mango with a vanilla Greek yogurt dip. Their teachers were pleasantly surprised with how much the preschoolers sampled! The children were able to take a handout encouraging them to each more fruits and vegetables at home, as well as a “My Plate” magnet, and a color changing spoon!

If you would like Annapolis Pediatrics to offer a “Taste the Rainbow” class to your child’s preschool, please contact Tammy Turner at for more information.