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Prescription Refill Policy and Requests

Starting December 11th, 2017,  we will be sending controlled substances (such as ADD/ADHD medications) electronically. What does this mean for you?

  1. You will no longer have to pick up medications (like ADD/ADHD) at our offices!
  2. You will no longer be notified when your prescription refill has been sent. We will send your prescription within 3 business days, unless you are due for a med check.
  3. Please read the policy below regarding REQUIRED med checks at least every six months.

Annapolis Pediatrics Policy on Controlled Dangerous Substances (CDS)

Controlled substances, including narcotic pain medications and stimulants used to treat ADD/ADHD and other mental health issues, are medicines whose power we take very seriously and are closely monitored in Maryland for overuse. The American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines and standards of good care dictate that we appropriately monitor their use, beneficial effects and potential side effects. Children who take these medicines (regardless of frequency) should be seen at a minimum of every six months without exception.

When we receive a refill request for a patient’s fifth month on a controlled substance, we will contact the family to set up their next med check or yearly physical exam. If the patient does not have a med check or yearly physical set up when we receive a request for the sixth month, we will again contact the family to set up an appointment before the end of the sixth month. At that point we will also notify the family on the prescription bottle itself, stating “NO MORE REFILLS UNTIL MED CHECK APPOINTMENT.” After that we will not dispense any more refills until we have seen the patient. If you are overdue for a med check and requesting meds/an appointment, we will schedule you within two weeks for a med check appointment.

Appropriate refill requests can be made via phone or email/web request. It may take up to three business days from the date of request for us to dispense a refill. We ask families to please time their refill requests accordingly.

Prescription Refill Request Form – This form can be printed and faxed to the pharmacy hotline at 443-949-7680. You can also download the form and email to Please allow three business days (M-F) to complete requests. We will contact you if the request will take longer than three business days. Please send in one form for each child.