Form Reminders

Please remember that for Annapolis Pediatrics to complete camp or school forms, there will be a charge of between $6-$10 based on the length and complexity of the form.

We will be happy to mail, fax, or have completed forms available for pick-up in our office. Typical turnaround time for forms is 10-14 business days.

If you need a faster turnaround, forms can be prepared within 2 business days for a stat forms fee of $20.

Your child must have a current physical on file according to the form requirement. Please make sure to have your part of the form filled out prior to your visit.

Click here to download the “[tnc-pdf-viewer-image file=”” target=”_parent” download=”true” print=”true” fullscreen=”true” share=”true” zoom=”true” open=”true” pagenav=”true” logo=”true” find=”true” language=”en-US” class=”” page=”” default_zoom=”auto” pagemode=””]Request for Forms Completion Form[/tnc-pdf-viewer-image]”