Halloween Safety

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Halloween Safety By: Jennifer Redmond, CPNP Trick-or-treat!  Princesses, Unicorns, Super Heroes and Ghosts, oh my!  Halloween can be a very exciting time, for children and adults alike.  However, many parents find there is a fine line between Halloween fun and concerns for their children’s safety. According to the National Safety Council, children are more [...]

Say “Yes” to Kindness and “No” to Bullying

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Say “Yes” to Kindness and “No” to Bullying By: Anita Weissburg, CPNP As health care providers, we see many children and adolescents suffering the consequences of bullying. The initial signs sometimes present with physical symptoms such as headaches or stomachaches. At other times it may be school avoidance, progressing into other serious symptoms such [...]

Teething 101

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Teething 101 By Dr. Piyumi Fonseka Baby’s first tooth can be a very exciting phase for new parents but can also be a bit of a tough one. Teething can occasionally be associated with fussiness, sleepless nights and crying. Teething is the eruption of the primary aka “baby teeth” from the gums. The start [...]

Hay Fever and Fall Allergies

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Hay Fever and Fall Allergies By Dr. Fassil What is Hay Fever? Hay fever is a condition with a collection of symptoms, namely nasal congestion, sneezing and itching that occurs during certain times of the year. Fall, like Spring, brings allergy symptoms for many children. Allergy symptoms are caused by pollens that are circulating [...]

Flu Season 2019/2020

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Flu 2019/2020 We will begin giving flu vaccines at well visits (insurance and supply dependent) starting on September 3rd, 2019. Siblings are also able to receive the flu vaccination at these well visits. Please remember, we cannot provide flu vaccines during sick visits or in our walk-in clinic.   If you do not have a scheduled well visit coming up this [...]

Measles – What You Should Know

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Measles - What You Should Know At this time, there is not a measles outbreak in our area. We will update this page with instructions if the situation changes. Please call our office immediately if you live in zip codes 21208, 21209 or 21215 and are concerned you may have had contact with someone with [...]

Kids in Sports – Aim for Variety

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Kids in Sports - Aim for Variety By: Dr. Dominica Donnal When thinking about starting your child into a youth sports program, it is easy to see the many benefits of doing so. Youth sport participation is wonderful for so many reasons as it can really help improve concentration and build the confidence of [...]

Winter Car Seat Safety – Remove Winter Coats and Snowsuits for Proper Harness Fitting

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Winter Car Seat Safety – Remove Winter Coats and Snowsuits for Proper Harness Fitting By: Jennifer Redmond, CPNP, IBCLC and Michelle Schall, CPNP Winter weather is officially here in Maryland! With the upcoming snowy weather and frigid temperatures, it’s important to reinforce car seat recommendations that will keep your infants and young children both [...]